Kids Coding Class

In order to code you need to know how websites work, what code does and how it can be used. Well, you can do all of this with Kids Coding Class!

Coding for Beginners

The coding for beginners module of this course begins by looking at uses of code with a focus on websites. In order to learn code so that it is useful, we need to know what code can be used for before we learn how to use it. This coding for beginners module will show you why code is so important and all the cool things it can be used for.

How to make a Website

If you want to know how to make a website then you have come to the right place. Kids Coding Class is here to help. If you are 100% new to building a website and you aren’t too sure about terminologies like domain name and URL then it may be best to read our Coding for Beginners guide before you dive into this one. This page will help you learn how to make a website in different ways and should be useful for first-time website creators as well those who are a little more advanced and want to get stuck into the code.

HTML for Beginners

HTML is a basic language that will allow you to create basic web pages and will be needed to learn CSS and JavaScript. HTML is also known as HyperText Markup Language: this can create different types of headings such as h1, h2 etc, you can make links and much more. So in this section of Kids Coding Class, you will learn a very basic coding language that will help you to learn other languages which will help you to make a website that looks great.

SEO Course

If you are looking to learn about SEO or you want to book an SEO course then you are in the right place. SEO is search engine optimisation which basically means making changes to your website to get it to appear in the search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, but we are basically bothered about Google as this makes up around 90% of all UK searches. Our SEO course will tell you what factors are important in SEO and how you can improve your website to get it ranking (appearing higher in search results) on Google.


What is Kids Coding Class?

We are a website that helps to inform people about websites, and everything associated with websites, from domain names to SEO advice. We also give tips on coding and how-to code.

Who are Kids Coding Class?

We are a small team of mainly teenagers and the odd adult. We are computer enthusiasts and want to share are enthusiasm with other people, children and adults! Our unique perspective of learning code from scratch and selecting domain names and servers means we can share our experiences in a way that informs people who want to learn about websites and coding.

Do you Provide More Support?

Yes, we can provide support on setting up a new website, selecting a domain name, SEO services as well as hosting for your new website. Contact us to enquire more about these services.